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Commercial-Grade Outdoor Umbrellas

Commercial-Grade Outdoor Umbrellas

Feb 25th 2020

When you think of the beautiful Colorado outdoors and the wonderful times you and your family will enjoy with your new furniture at home, you’ll often want to consider an umbrella to tame the scorching UV rays we associate with living a mile closer to the sun! Larrabee’s Furniture + Design is delighted to be a resource for your umbrella needs!

We feature a full line of outdoor umbrellas, which include commercial graded, Marine fabrics (31 colors), and solution-dyed acrylic to resist fading. Many of our cantilevered umbrellas are built to resist our intense Colorado winds of 35 miles per hour with sustained winds up to 25 miles per hour! With the additional support of their wind stabilizer bars, you can add another 5 miles per hour to this estimate. These commercial cantilevered solutions feature an Infinity Tilt technology and 360-degree rotation capabilities for complete shade flexibility. The crank is built for commercial use, and features smooth and effortless operation in any environment.

We also have some special-order only umbrella options that will withstand 60 mile per hour sustained winds and feature reinforced aluminum ribs. These umbrellas feature the ability to take the umbrella down without moving furniture as its mast rises when it’s closing. These umbrellas feature mounting and base options that include in-ground installation. One of our models is the only large shade structure available that does not have to be permanently mounted in place! For those of you that have “lost” umbrellas in the harsh Colorado winds, this is your dream umbrella!

We feature another collection with a modern fiberglass rib patio umbrella that features the ability to fall over and not break…the fiberglass is capable of withstanding the damage of falling over! These ultra-durable, fiberglass frame, heavy gauge resin parts make this traditional umbrella the ultimate choice for your residential patio.

All of these umbrellas are built for contract/commercial use, however they are available to the homeowner and feature beautiful colors and unmatched longevity with UV protection that will withstand mold and mildew. This fabric will not sag or stretch over time. Most feature both the market and the more traditional drop-side umbrella style.

We can also order Commercial Grade Cabanas and Beach Umbrellas for your vacation home!

Please contact Larrabee’s Furniture + Design for all of your outdoor umbrella needs! We would love to explore your outdoor patio desires.